Meet the team

cropped-3df8f546-1f25-4034-84a8-08a85c1e0cda3.pngWelcome to the Purpledaisy Team.

IMG_3491I’m Caroline, I am the owner of Purpledaisy. I have 3 grown-up children and love spending time with my family and walking my dogs. I also have a strong passion for looking after the environment. My favourite product is the Durance Wild Lavender Multi-cleaner. Not only is it 100% eco-friendly, it leaves behind a pleasant scent whilst also leaving surfaces sparkly clean.

IMG_0547.jpgHi, I’m Will, I am a director of Purpledaisy, alongside my wife, Caroline. I fully appreciate the simple things in life. I am a keen cyclist and have a love for the outdoors. My favourite product has to be our RO water which I produce at home in my workshop.

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Hi I’m Emma and I’m 23 years old. I am the Head Housekeeper & General Manager at Purpledaisy. I’ve recently moved back to Kent after living on a narrow boat on the River Thames with my partner and little dog, Frank. We now have our boat on a beautiful part of the river in Sandwich. Being on the river, it is really important to me that I use the best eco-friendly products, which is one of many reasons why I love working for Purpledaisy. My favourite cleaning product is the Grapefruit spray because I absolutely love the smell it leaves behind!

I’m Megan. I have recently completed my A Levels and am preparing to enter the Royal Navy as an Officer. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. My favourite product is the Kärcher Steam Cleaner, as it is super efficient at removing tough marks and grime and is eco-friendly as it only requires water!

Hi, my name is Julie. I’m a mother of three, beautiful, creative teenage girls and in my spare time I like to stay active and keep fit. I have a passion for karate and volunteer with my club helping to instruct the junior class and I enjoy walking my dog. I really love Purpledaisy’s ethos and I find their products amazing. My favourite product is the Grapefruit and Sage Durance with it’s delightful and fresh fragrance.

17A52DAB-C332-41D0-B919-89C05494E6EEHi, I’m Emma and a Housekeeper for Purpledaisy. I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, I love animals and walking dogs on the beach. My favourite product is our descaler as it smells great and leaves your taps shiny and sparkling.

lauraMy name is Laura and I’m a Housekeeper at Purpledaisy. I have 3 children, 2 girls and a baby boy and also have 5 cats!  I love animals and going for walks in the countryside. My favourite product is the descaler. I love how easy it melts away limescale and leaves everything super shiny.

vivMy name is Viviane. I joined the team of Purpledaisy earlier this year. Such a wonderful team to be part of. My favourite product is the magic RO, it is effortless to use, and leaves great results.


Hi I’m Kate and I’m currently doing a gap year before going to university to study Primary education in Plymouth. In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano and seeing my friends. My favourite cleaning product has to be the Grapefruit spray because I love how nice it leaves the room smelling after I’ve used it!

2FE8F365-A19F-4507-BA1C-9DAE4BD29D72_1_201_aI’m Ella. When I’m not working, all my time is spent dancing. I’m currently training with the aspiration of performing on cruise ships and the West-End in the near future. My favourite product is the lavender spray as it smells amazing and leaves everything clean and sparkly.

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Hi, I’m Ellie. I’m currently studying Graphic Design at Kingston university. I’m really interested in photography and design and I have an eye for detail. For me, my favourite product that we use at Purpledaisy is the multi cleaner because as well as smelling good it gets through all of the dirt and stains.

Hi, I’m Richard. I’m a Commercial Cleaning Operative with Purpledaisy. I enjoy a good book and walking on the beach. I also like swimming and spending time with my family and friends when possible.

Hi, my name is Conor. In my free time I like to play football with my friends. My favourite cleaning product to use is the RO water as it is very versatile.


My name’s Jo and I’m a Housekeeper for Purpledaisy. In my spare time  love to paint and write songs. I also make and design my own jewellery. My favourite product is the lavender spray as it smells wonderful and leaves every thing fresh and sparkling.

FB98771B-0B10-4C0C-85D1-8C6E3B1B1E9CHi, I’m Isabel! I am soon to study Earth Science at Durham University, which incorporates my love of maths and physics into the wider environment. In my spare time I enjoy playing football and kayaking.
My favourite eco friendly cleaning product is RO water – it works like magic, leaving everything smear free and shining!

tobyHi my name is Toby and I am a Housekeeping Assistant at Purpledaisy. I have recently completed my A levels and I am hoping to join the Royal Air Force as a Mechanical Engineer in the near future. My favourite product is our descaler as it works like magic and removes tough limescale build up.