Meet the team

cropped-3df8f546-1f25-4034-84a8-08a85c1e0cda3.pngWelcome to the Purpledaisy Team.


IMG_3491I’m Caroline, I am the owner of Purpledaisy. I previously worked for Kent Police before beginning the journey of creating my business. I have 3 grown-up children. I love spending time with my family and walking my dogs. I also have a strong passion for looking after the environment. My favourite product is the lavender spray, not only is it 100% eco-friendly, it leaves behind a pleasant scent whilst also leaving surfaces sparkly clean.

IMG_0547.jpgHi, I’m Will, I am a director of Purpledaisy, alongside my wife, Caroline. As a former Civil Servant of 18 years I fully appreciate the simple things in life. I am a keen cyclist and have a love for the outdoors. My favourite product has to be our RO water which I produce at home in my workshop.

PHOTO-2020-04-25-11-00-01.jpegI’m Flick, and I am the Head Housekeeper at Purpledaisy. I love going to gigs to watch bands and I also love animals. I have owned many reptiles such as snakes and tarantulas and I have travelled to lots of amazing countries. I love all of our amazing and eco-friendly products, especially our RO water which leaves everything so clean and shiny!

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Hi I’m Emma and I’m 23 years old. I am a Housekeeper at Purpledaisy. I’ve recently moved back to Kent after living on a narrow boat on the River Thames with my partner and little dog, Frank. We now live on a beautiful part of the river in Sandwich. Living on the river, it is really important to me that I use the best eco-friendly products, which is one of many reasons why I love working for Purpledaisy. My favourite cleaning product is the Grapefruit spray because I absolutely love the smell it leaves behind!

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Hi, I’m Gee and I’m a Housekeeper at Purpledaisy. I am a mum of two kids, one dog and four chickens. In my free time, I enjoy hairdressing, and I am also Chair of the Dover, Deal and Shepway Branch of The National Autistic Society. My favourite product is the RO Water and reusable cloths.

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Hi, I’m Carmen, I’m a Housekeeper at Purpledaisy. I love all our eco-friendly products. I’m a musician and have two young children. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors and enjoying nature.


My name is Chris. I used to live and work in London as a graphic designer. I now much prefer living by, and swimming in the sea. I like drawing, mucking about with paints and spending time with my lovely wife. My colour is green. I’ve always loved the simplicity of PurpleDaisy’s mindset using ‘RO’ water… initiated from a love of keeping tropical fish and caring for them appropriately, to discovering an amazingly pure product that helps us all to keep our own glass clean and smear free… genius!

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Hi, I’m Ellie. I’m currently studying Graphic Design at Kingston university. I’m really interested in photography and design and I have an eye for detail. For me, my favourite product that we use at Purpledaisy is the multi cleaner because as well as smelling good it gets through all of the dirt and stains.

ad1354bc-031a-4160-b033-8543c724de06.jpegHi, I’m Bella. I’m currently studying Journalism at university. I’m very interested in photography and fashion and love spending time with my family and friends. I adore all animals and protecting the environment. My favourite Purpledaisy product is definitely the Pierre d’argent, it’s so satisfying to use and leaves the nicest citric scent behind.

eea7654a-01e4-4576-b798-fccb36d405f3.jpegHi I’m Saba, I am Purpledaisy’s youngest Housekeeping Assistant and will be studying Zoology at Lincoln University from September. I love travel and hope to work in conservation or zoological journalism in the future. My favourite Purpledaisy product is our bathroom cleaner, it brings everything out amazingly clean.