Hiring a housekeeper makes you happier.

With an ever-growing mountain of things to do and the shocking increase in demands for longer working hours, the human brain is becoming more and more stressed. It can seem impossible to attend work, maintain a social life, handle important bills and spend time with family all in one day. It becomes pretty clear that most people simply do not have much time left over in the day to relax. Who wants to spend that precious little free time cleaning? On average, men and women spend 2.3 hours a day on household activities-therefore having a housekeeper, even for a couple of hours a week, can make all the difference to the way you feel mentally and physically. Two more hours in a week can be used to take part in mindfulness, to spend time with family, and many more relaxing activities. This relaxation ultimately rejuvenates the brain’s chemistry and gives rise to a calmer state of mind; which in the long term has many positive outcomes.

Furthermore, if you have the mildest allergies or other health issues, dusting and doing other kinds of cleaning can be very uncomfortable. This is a great reason to let someone else handle it. You can leave the house whilst the cleaning is going on and come back once the house is clean and settled. Purpledaisy will always try to use the least toxic cleaning products to create the healthiest environment possible for you.

Finally, having a housekeeper, particularly Purpledaisy, is in addition to having a friend. Caroline is described to be ‘friendly’, ‘cheerful’ and ‘pleasant in nature’. For more testimonials visit purpledaisy.co.uk.

In conclusion, it is evident that investing money on a housekeeper brings much more happiness than material goods of the same value. Life’s too short for tidying.

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